Advocacy for LGBTI rights

In cooperation with the relevant state institutions, political parties, the LGBTI organisations, LGBTI activists, and other stakeholders, S-Front is continuously conducting comprehensive and inclusive efforts aiming to advance the rights and status of the LGBTI people in Macedonia.

Research and policies on LGBTI issues

In cooperation with experts, external consultants, and experienced researchers, and by utilizing variety of theoretical and empirical methods, S-Front is focused on developing strong capacities in creating sound policies based on scientifically valid data gathered from the research activities conducted by S-Front and other research bodies.    

Training and education on gender and sexuality

S-Front focuses on building and advancing its own capacities in providing knowledge, information and training on issues related to LGBTI people, gender and sexuality. Through cooepration with different educational programmes, institutes and organisations, and by using a variety of formal and non-formal educational methods, S-Front is committed to empower and encourage the members of the LGBTI community in Macedonia.

Services of free aid for LGBTI

In cooperation with experienced professionals within the scope of providing psycho-social aid, support and counselling, and the scope of providing legal aid and counselling, S-Front focuses on strengthening its own capacities in providing services of free psycho-social support and counselling, and services of free legal aid and counsellin, to LGBTI people whose human rights have been violated, and to those LGBTI people that are facing different psychological and social problems and difficulties.

Fundraising for LGBTI projects and initiatives

In cooperation with different foundations, donors, LGBTI organisations, and other stakeholders, S-Front strives to secure financial sustainability and to create conditions for complete self-sustainability of the organisation, and all of the other projects, actions and initiatives, that address the LGBTI issues and problems. S-Front stimulates and supports grassroots movements and actions for LGBTI, and encourages increased engagement and inclusion of the members of the LGBTI community in the maintenance of stable financial grounds for successful functioning of the organisation and for further growth of the LGBTI movement in Macedonia.

Пријави / Report

Пријави насилство врз основа на сексуална ориентација и родов идентитет! / Report violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity!

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PHOTO: Yveta Kenety

Call for Participation to a Research Study on Needs Assessment and Situation Mapping of LGBT Roma in Macedonia

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