Research & Evidence

Subversive Front finds that research initiatives that create data and evidence regarding the SGM community’s needs and concerns are imperative in developing an organized and evidence-informed response to address the myriad of issues that influence the lives of SGM in North Macedonia. Therefore, one of Subversive Front’s strategic areas of work is to establish programs of research locally, nationally, and regionally to ensure that we have the necessary science, data, and evidence to make our programs more effective, and to leverage such research in our policy and advocacy-related efforts.

Community Development

Subversive Front believes that in order for SGM in North Macedonia to live openly, safely, and authentically, community development and building is crucial to harnessing community assets and engaging with the community. Another one of Subversive Front’s strategic areas of work is to assist in developing the SGM community, both individually and collectively, to ensure they are at the forefront of all of our activities. As part of our community development work, we conduct trainings, self-development workshops, social and sports events, and educational campaigns with the SGM community in North Macedonia. Presently, our work focuses on issues of mental health, social wellbeing, human and civil rights, access and utilization of legal services, and community connectedness.

Advocacy & Policy Influence

Subversive Front recognizes that structural factors, such as policies, laws, and politics influence the lives of SGM in North Macedonia. Given this, Subversive Front’s final strategic area of work is to advocate for policies and laws that address the needs of the SGM community and ensures their protection. We work closely with government officials to ensure that the SGM community’s voice is adequately represented on issues and policies that are important for them to live freely and authentically. In this strategic area, Subversive Front utilizes our, and other NGOs research, to support appropriate and evidence-based policy-making. Presently, Subversive Front works with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy to advocate for the needs of the SGM community, holds meetings with parliamentary officials to inform them about SGM community issues, and participates in relevant policy-making initiatives and processes.

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Antonio Mihajlov

The Decision of the Constitutional court is a major blow to our protracted efforts in safeguarding the rights of the LGBTI people

Skopje, 15 May 2020 “The Decision of the Constitutional Court of North Macedonia to repeal the Law on Prevention of and Protection against Discrimination from yesterday is a major blow […]

Not even this parliamentary composition was able to protect the LGBTI people – The Decision of the Constitutional court will not deter us from our demands and efforts

With great disappointment, albeit expecting it, the National Network for against Homophobia and Transphobia received the news on the Decision of the Constitutional court to repeal the Law on Prevention […]

Joint statement by the civil society actors from the Western Balkans on COVID-19 pandemic

As the coronavirus continues to spread across our countries and regions, we are all concerned about the severe consequences of the pandemic on our daily lives, as well as about […]

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