Participate in research on youth perceptions of the LGBT community


Subversive Front, in partnership with the Youth Educational Forum, started to conduct a research study on the perceptions and attitudes of young people in Macedonia on the status of discrimination, harassment and bullying among LGBT and non-LGBT youth on the territory of Skopje.

This is the first time this kind of research is going to be conducted in the Republic of Macedonia, and given the fact that this kind of behavior is not recognized or addressed as a problem in the government institutions, it is a special challenge for implementing this survey. With the results of this research it is expected to conclude the level of psychological and physical harassment and bullying, discrimination and violence against young LGBT people aged between 18 and 30 years, which would later serve to raise awareness and advocacy on this issue before the competent state institutions . The survey was conducted in two parts: online research and field research on the territory of Skopje.

Your contribution is very important for the research and therefore we ask that you complete this tool. Your participation will be anonymous and the filling will take 10 minutes. The research findings will be used exclusively for research purposes.