Balkan Pride 2016 – Training on human rights for LGBT

Skopje, 6 March 2016

From today until 10 March, Subversive Front in Skopje is organising the training “Human rights for LGBT people in the Balkans: human rights framework, history, and current trends”. The training is envisaged as meeting place for 31 activist of 9 different countries from the region to discuss and exchange ideas, opinions, and experiences on topics, such as human rights of LGBT people, historical development of the LGBT movement in the world and the region, stereotypes and prejudices towards the LGBT people, as well as critical issues for the LGBT communities in the countries of the region.

The training is being conducted within the scope of the project “Balkan Pride 2016” whose lead project coordinator is the Group for support of GLB youth “COME OUT” from Novi Sad, Serbia. The objectives of this project are to build capacities of the local LGBT organisations in regard to advocating for LGBT rights, to promote pride events as a method of achieving the desired change, as well as to create a platform of cooperation on the organisation of events that celebrate sexual and gender diversities in the region, in order to increase mobilisation and visibility of these events.

The key project activities are 3 trainings and one meeting that will be held throughout March, June, September and November this year. Each partner organisation from the 9 ones has the responsibility to send 3 participants to each of the trainings, while the 4th activity – the meeting, is reserved for the representatives of the partner organisations. The whole project of “Balkan Pride 2016” is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.