First civil society forum on political participation of LGBTI people in Macedonia organized

On 18th April 2016 in Skopje was the first civil society forum on political participation of LGBTI people organized. The forum aimed to bring different political parties together and discuss the level of inclusion of LGBTI people in their agendas, as well as the support these political parties have shown so far toward the campaign for equal rights for LGBTI people in Macedonia. Five political parties, all left-oriented and opposition parties, such as the Liberal Democratic Party, the Liberal Party, the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, the Left Party, and the Democratic Renewal of Macedonia (the Greens), were able to present their political programmes in light of the upcoming elections in December. The head of the Greens who had the most inclusive political programme in relation to LGBTI, mentioned that the Greens have been among the first ones in the political scene in Macedonia to openly stand together with and show support to the needs and issues of the LGBTI people.


The representative from the Social Democrats said that even though they have not included LGBTI in their programme, they still have made enormous efforts in support of the LGBTI people in the years so far, such as the public mentioning of LGBTI from the leader of the Social Democratic Union during the mass civil protests in May 2015. Finally, the representative from the Left Party stated that despite the dominantly negative attitudes of the general population toward the LGBTI people, this community still needs bigger visibility in media and in society in general. The forum was organized by Subversive Front with the support from Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute from Washington D.C.