Gay couple attacked in Prishtina

A gay couple got attacked on Saturday, July 2nd 2016 in Prishtina, as reported by our colleagues from the Centre for Social Groupd Development – CSGD. They were attacked by the owner of their house they were renting once their sexual orientation was disclosed to him.

The victims were physically and verbally attacked with a knife and a shovel, locked from the inside of the house and their personal belongings were kept closed. In order to escape from the attack they were forced to jump from the second floor balcony. Eventually they ended up homeless with injuries in the face and body.

The case has been reported to the police (police station Center (Qendra)) and police helped the victims to get their personal belongings. It is very concerning that the perpetrator has not been arrested yet, even though he had threatened the victims in the presence of the police and eyewitnesses. We have asked the investigator of the case for explanations, but he was not able to give further information at this point.

The case has been reported to Ombudsperson’s office on Monday, July 4th and CSGD will be in close cooperation with them in order to receive more information from the police.

This is not the first time gay people have been attacked in Kosovo. Two gay mеn were victims of an attack which happened on 10th of June in Ferizaj. One of them had body and face injuries, thus the victim asked for medical treatment. The attackers, four adult men, unknown to the victims, have been arrested by police.

Subversive Front strongly condemns these attacks of hatred against the LGBTI people, and calls upon the competent institutions in Kosovo to undertake all necessary measures for a proper investigation of all these cases, and to guarantee the security and protection of LGBTI people in Kosovo, in accordance with the laws and the constitution of the country.