Another attack against the LGBTI activist Boban Stojanovic from Serbia

Boban Stojanovic, one of the organisers of the Belgrade Pride Parade was a victim of another brutal attack yesterday at 15:30 in Belgrade. Boban received light injuries in the area of the humerus, while he was continuously verbally harassed by the two unidentified perpetrators.

This is not the first attack against Boban Stojanovic, and this year, it is the 5th attack in a row against a LGBTI person in Serbia, according to the findings of the organisation “Da se zna”, that documents these acts of violence and discrimination against the people with different sexual orientation and gender identity. Of these 5 attacks, only 2 have been reported to the police which shows the high level of distrust toward the state authorities. This is also confirmed by the initial findings of the survey conducted in the first half of 2016 by the Public Policy Research Center according to which, a significant number of respondents have stated that they rarely report these cases to the police as they do not trust that the Ministry of Interior will consider and respond to them.

The impunity of the cases of attacks against the LGBTI activists in Serbia is another proof of the lack of political will to properly sanction the perpetrators of such attacks, a reality that has, unfortunately, been the case in Macedonia as in the other countries of the region, as well. We remind the authorities that the 5 attacks against the LGBTI Center and activists in Macedonia, among which there are cases dated in 2012, are still not resolved.

We strongly condemn the attack against Boban Stojanovic, we call upon the competent state authorities to urgently investigate the case and to properly sentence the perpetrators, and we urge society to address the systemic discrimination, and to stop the complete ignorance of the homophobic and transphobic violence.


Youth Initiative for Human Rights


ERA – LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey

Civil Rights Defenders

Labris – Lesbian human rights organisation

Konsultacije za lezbejke – Gayten,


Belgrade Pride Parade

Subversive Front

Source: Da se zna