Малолетник брутално претепан во Подгорица под претпоставка дека е геј – ЛГБТИК организациите бараат строги казни за напаѓачите

Three men brutally beat minor J.M. on Saturday in Podgorica under the assumption that he is gay – report the Montenegrin LGBTIQ+ organizations. The State prosecutor of Montenegro brought criminal charges against three persons, well known to the police.

J.M. was taking a walk with his teen sister, when vehicles pass by and one of the attackers shouted “fagot”. J.M replied to this.

Later the attackers returned with the car. The co-driver got out, grabbed J.M . by the neck, pushed him on ground and started smashing his head against the concrete floor. The victim managed briefly to escape, but he was immediately grabbed by the hair and got a fist in the head and kicks in ribs.

Attackers fled the scene. The minor called the police, after the attackers fled the scene, and told the police officials the registration plates on the attacker’s car.

Later, the attackers came back, and when they heard that the police was informed, they threaten to kill them if they got arrested

Queer Montenegro condemns the incident and noted that the minor J.M. is not a member of the LGBT community, but he is supporter and advocate of human rights of LGBT persons.

“This brutal attack is motivated by hatred and intolerance. Once again this points out the fact that victims of attacks are not only LGBT people, but also their friends, families and supporters of human rights of LGBT people,” the Queer Montenegro.

Organizations Queer Montenegro, Montenegro Pride and Juventas emphasize that the brutal assault and beating is a clear case of hate crime and that they are expecting to be qualified as such. They are also calling for harsh punishment for the perpetrators.

Subversive Front joins the appeal of the Montenegrin LGBTIQ+ organizations toward the police, the prosecutors, and the courts of Montenegro to urgently process this case, use all legal means so that the perpetrators of this brutal assault are brought to justice, and they are sanctioned with the maximum penalty as prescribed by law, so that future similar acts are prevented.