2016 Annual narrative and financial report of S-Front

The association for a critical approach to gender and sexuality SUBVERSIVE FRONT from Skopje, Macedonia was established on 23 June 2013 with one of the main aims to further develop the activism for LGBTI rights in Macedonia, and thus add value to the wide campaign for equal rights and freedoms for the LGBTI people. By employing an unconventional, nonpatriarchal, non-heteronormative approach toward the work with the variety of stakeholders – state institutions, political parties, media, community members, other LGBTI organisations, and the wider public, Subversive Front has managed to achieve measurable and verifiable results in its role as a civil society actor and agent of social change. Especially in 2016, Subversive Front has succeeded in becoming an important actor in opening and further strengthening the dialogue on LGBTI issues and needs in the public discourse, in increasing the commitment to conducting effective advocacy efforts especially toward the relevant state authorities, in collecting valuable data on particular burning LGBTI issues, and in mobilizing individuals committed to engage in the campaign for LGBTI equality. During the past year, we have also grown as an organization and strengthened our capacities for further development, and thus we have set the grounds for undertaking more challenging and more rewarding steps toward ensuring full equality and rights of the people who do not identify with the dominant heteronormative and patriarchal norms and values in society.

All of this would not have happened had it not been the great support and immense contribution from all the donors and partners of ours, but most importantly from the committed and persevering individuals behind Subversive Front. My wholehearted gratitude goes to each and everybody who has contributed to Subversive Front grasping the role of a relevant civil society actor in improving the status and the rights of the LGBTI people in Macedonia and beyond.

The report can be downloaded here: 2016, Annual Report, S-Front


Antonio Mihajlov