2017 Annual Report

In its 5th year since its establishment, we are proud to document the gradual growth of our organization in terms of developing and strengthening our capacities in the 5 key programme areas we work in:

  1. Advocacy for LGBTI
  2. Research and policies on LGBTI
  3. Training and education on gender and sexuality
  4. Services of legal and psychosocial support and counseling for LGBTI, and
  5. Fundraising for LGBTI projects and initiatives

Some of the key achievements we made the past year were related to:

  1. Establishing a human rights violations documentation system for the LGBTI people in Macedonia that produces evidence as basis of conducting advocacy efforts for LGBTI equality
  2. Enabling building and strengthening the dialogue with the key stakeholders including the state institutions, political parties and media
  3. Generating and disseminating data and knowledge on various topics related to the rights, status and the needs of the LGBTI people in Macedonia, which, after the change of the political context in Macedonia, encountered numerous opportunities for utilization
  4. Increasing visibility of the organization and its core work and results through the networks and platform built and enabled by the Civica Mobiltas facility,
  5. Strengthening the organizational capacities in terms of office space, personnel, equipment as well as the provision of free services of legal and psychosocial support and counseling.

This year’s report, in addition to the content related to the key activities, the main projects, and the organization, contains also the Annual LGBTI Report for Macedonia for 2017. This detailed report showcases the developments and trends relevant to the human rights violations of the LGBTI people in Macedonia throughout the course of 2017, grouped under several key areas such as: bias-motivated violence, crime and speech, equality and non-discrimination – legislation and enforcement, freedom of assembly, association and expression, and so on. With all said above, I hope you can learn more about the status and the rights of the LGBTI people in the country, and maybe show interest in engaging, organizing and mobilizing with us in the wider campaign for LGBTI equality.

With best wishes,

Antonio Mihajlov,





To download the Annual Report click the following link.