The Federation of B&H moves forward toward recognition of same-sex couples

At today’s session, the government of the Federation of B&H (one of the entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina), has adopted the information of the Federal Ministry of Interior on the request for data entry into the registry books that relate to the life unions of the same sex couples.

Upon the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Justice, the government will appoint inter-ministerial working group that will analyze the regulations in which scope the same-sex couples can exercise their rights derived from the life union as stipulated in the European Convention on Human Rights and based on the findings of that analysis, it will propose the regulations that need to be adopted at the territory of the Federation B&H.

This decision was welcomed by the Sarajevo Open Center – one of the LGBTI organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the findings of their 2017 research, 80% from the same-sex couples in Bosnia and Herzegovina want to have their stable emotional and economic union legally recognized, and their partnership recognized by the state institutions, which to not the case yet.