Call for Participation in Training Course: Podcasts


About the training course:

Podcasts and radio is an excellent medium to tell powerful stories that impact people. There is so much more to say about audio stories then we can cover in 3 days, but we’ll take a deep dive into it, and meanwhile we’ll discover a lot about the medium, about storytelling in general and about ourselves and others.

The topics we cover will be decided by the participants but will fall under the umbrella of human rights, LGBTI rights, and gender equality. They will talk about the topics that they feel most passionate about, perhaps that have affected their own lives. Participants could talk about mental health, violence, discrimination, coming out to your family, discrimination, sexism etc.

The outcome of the training is that each participant has created their very first (short) audio piece, and they have the knowledge and hopefully feel inspired to continue making audio stories after we leave. The safe space should allow participants to be vulnerable, speak openly about taboo topics. This can be liberating. We’ve had participants who told us they spoke about some topics for the first time in their lives during the workshop. Within the group, we aim for a feeling of safety and support, that allows the participants to express freely be heard without judgment.

The training course will be organized from February 16th to the 19th, with the 19th being the training of trainers; the working hours are from 10 am to 4 pm; the working language will be in English; the training course, itself, will be organized in Subversive Front’s office (located on Blvd. Kuzman Josifovski Pitu 19/5-28, inside TC Skopjanka). Accommodation for the training course is not provided, participants from outside of Skopje are encouraged to have travel options for each day or their own accommodation if possible; travel reimbursement will be available if participants have their travel receipts/tickets.

Accepted applicants will be contacted via email/phone.

The training course is intended for young people aged 16-24, exceptions can be made and everyone interested is encouraged to apply.

During the Podcast training, more information will be given about the second training on Storytelling.

The trainers of this training course are Lotte van Gaalen and Saleem Salameh.
This project is implemented in cooperation with Stichtingart 1 from the Netherlands.


To apply, fill out the following Google Form.