“Le Thursday” – event for the 26th April, international day of lesbian visibility

On the occasion of the International Day of lesbian visibility in Skopje, an event was held to increase the visibility of the LBTQ community in Macedonia. The event, entitled “Le Thursday”, took place on April 25 in a local coffee in Skopje. The event was organized by the Subversive Front, LezFem and Medusa, organizations that are working to improve the rights of LBTQ women.

The main topics of the event were about the new basketball LBTQ club and how you can join if you want to play basketball and hang out. For the past year, we practice basketball almost every week and we often have competitions with other LBTQ sports clubs in the Balkans. We talked about how trans lesbians can join the events we organize and the celebration on April 26th, the international day of lesbian visibility in the world. The event was attended by more than 50 people from the LBTQ community as well as many other supporters. The girls made friends, discussed and made plans for activities that we could implement in the future.