Second international match for “Cakana”

Within the scope of the project “Towards Open Access for LBT Women in Sports” supported by PlanetRomeo Foundation, from the 9th until the 12th of May our team Cakana was a guest to the LBT sports team in Podgorica. This visit had the goal to meet and share information about our organizations and our teams and to play a basketball match. A total of 16 players and some audience participated at the basketball match. The first match was our team Cakana against the team from Podgorica. The match ended with Cakana winning by a small margin. The important thing is that everyone there got a chance to play and everyone was playing fair and having fun. The second match was with mixed teams and more fun.

We are continuing with more basketball trainings and competitions during the summer in Skopje. Join US!