Project name:

Political participation of LGBTI in the Western Balkans

Project description:

The overall aim of this research paper is to present the opportunities for increasing the political participation of LGBTI communities in the Western Balkan countries and how this will affect the establishment of social equity.

Most of the research relies mostly on qualitative research methods, through the implementation of semi-structured interviews with interlocutors – representatives of political parties, LGBTI activists and representatives from the civil sector, representatives of several institutions, as well as experts from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo , Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia.

Additional key areas that are expected to be included in the research paper include an overview of legislation regarding LGBTI rights in individual countries, as well as an analysis of the political participation of LGBTI communities in the region regarding the link between party politics and civil society organizations.

Finally, after a thorough analysis of the available materials on the political participation of LGBTI in the Western Balkans, in order to address the shortcomings observed on this topic, a series of recommendations will be presented for policy makers, the NGO sector and other relevant stakeholders in national and regional context, in order to establish an important and sustainable culture of respect for fundamental human rights.

This research project was carried out by the Subversive Front from Macedonia, in partnership with the Victor Institute from the United States and Labris of Serbia.

Duration: March 2017 – March 2018