Project name:

Building a regional LGBT community – Balkan Pride 1

Project description:

The main idea of the project is to gather LGBT organisations in the Balkan region and promote the idea of the Pride event and its potential for improving the livelihood of LGBT population in this region. Since the Balkans are still very conservative region, highly influenced by religions, prejudices and in general lack of understanding for something different or someone different.

The overall objectives of the project are:

  1. To build capacities of local LGBT CSOs on advocating for the rights of LGBT population and better serving their needs and interests;
  2. To promote the Pride event as the form of achieving the desirable change;
  3. To create a platform for cooperation related to the Pride events in the region in order to mobilize more people for the events and to increase visibility.

Project coordinating organisation: LGB Youth support group “COME OUT” from Novi Sad, Serbia

Project partner organisations: Subversive Front from Skopje, Macedonia

Thessaloniki Pride from Thessaloniki, Greece

PINK Embassy from Tirana, Albania

The grant awarded for the project “Building a regional LGBT community – Balkan Pride 1” is 54.665 EUR.