Project name:

Utilizing EU integration processes for advancing LGBT rights in Western Balkans

Project description:

The overall program objective is to promote respect for and recognition of the human rights of LGBT persons in the Western Balkans, using the EU accession process as a focal point for targeted, evidence-based advocacy.

Key Actors: This project will be implemented by Sarajevo Open Centre, based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the mentoring of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) – Europe. The participating organizations are Subversive Front (Macedonia), the Centre for Equality and Liberty (Kosovo), Labris (Serbia), and the CURE Foundation (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Activists from Croatian organizations will provide mentoring in the areas of human rights violation documentation and in formulating country-based activities based on their experience with EU accession processes.

Goals and Objectives: This project aims to efficiently utilize the process of EU accession to improve LGBT human rights in the Western Balkans by means of accomplishing three main objectives:

  1. Strengthen the capacities of LGBT rights organizations;
  2. Increase the use of evidence-based advocacy in organizations’ work; and
  3. Advocate for LGBT rights on European and national levels.

Project Activities: In order to accomplish the objectives set forth, we envision two types of activities: those in which all organizations will participate, and country-based activities related to EU enlargement. In addition to activities within these two categories, ILGA Europe will implement an advocacy action towards the EU on behalf of Western Balkan countries.

  1. Capacity building, documentation training, and info-sharing meetings
  2. Contributing to an online resource

Result 1: Quality of organizations’ initiatives and internal procedures improves.

  1. Document LGBT human rights violations
  2. Provide & promote free legal counselling for the local LGBT community

Result 2: Increased scope of documentation and legal aid services.

  1. Write yearly contributions to the EU progress report
  2. Country-based or individual activities
  3. ILGA Advocacy Action

Result 3: EU and national stakeholders are better equipped to use their resources to improve the state of LGBT human rights in the target countries

Program Date: 1 October 2015 to 31 December 2017

The project is financially supported by the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor with a budget of 332,000.00 USD

Subversive Front, Skopje, Macedonia

This project aims to address the need for recognition and explicit legal protection of cases of SOGI-based discrimination and hate crime/speech among the relevant stakeholders, such as the state authorities competent for crime prevention and protection, prevention and protection against discrimination, and legislators, as well as to raise awareness on SOGI-based discrimination and hate crime/speech.

The specific objectives of this project are:

  1. To create analysis of the Macedonian anti-discrimination legislation considering SOGI and its alignment with EU acquis, and other international human rights standards
  2. To draft amendments to Macedonian Criminal Code and Misdemeanor Act for Hate Speech/Hate Crime regulation on the grounds of SOGI
  3. To advocate about SOGI-based anti-discrimination and SOGI-based hate crime/speech

Project Activities

  1. Analysis of Macedonian anti-discrimination legislation considering SOGI and its alignment with EU acquis and international human rights standards
  2. Drafting amendments to Macedonian Criminal Code and Misdemeanor Act for Hate Crime/Speech regulation on the grounds of SOGI
  3. Advocacy activities related to anti-discrimination and hate crime/speech on the grounds of SOGI

Project date: 01.01.2016-31.12.2016

Budget: 25,000 USD