Project name:

Towards a Western Balkans and Turkey LGBTI Human Rights Regional Association

Project description:

Overall objective:

  • To advocate and promote protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons (LGBTI) in Western Balkans and Turkey

Specific objectives:

  • To strengthen the role of LGBTI CSOs in Western Balkans and Turkey in the process of advocating and promoting LGBTI human rights protection and influencing public sector reform processes.
  • To advocate for LGBTI human rights in Western Balkans and Turkey on the European level
  • To develop capacities of LGBTI CSOs to build and implement a strategic approach towards networking and leveraging (inter)regional cooperation

Main activities:

  • Conducting Regional Feasibility Study;
  • Development of the four-year Strategic Plan and Annual Work Programme for 2016;
  • Founding and registering Western Balkans and Turkey Regional LGBTI Association;
  • Advocacy, visibility and communication activities;
  • Developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation plan;
  • Audit/expenditure verification

Project coordinator: Labris – Lesbian Human Rights Organization – Serbia

Project partners: Gayten LGBT – Republic of Serbia, Duga Association – Republic of Serbia, LGBT Youth Support Group “COME OUT”– Republic of Serbia, Lawyers’ Committee of Human Rights “YUCOM” – Republic of Serbia, GOOSI- Gay Organization for Persons with Disabilities – Republic of Serbia, Alliance against discrimination of LGBT – Albania, PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania – Albania, Coalition of Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities – Republic of Macedonia, Association for critical approach to gender and sexuality “Subversive Front”- Republic of Macedonia, LGBT Forum Progress – Montenegro, Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association – Turkey.

Duration: January 2015 – December 2015

The grant awarded for the project is 87 950,00 EUR.