Project name:

Skopje Pride 2014

Project description:

The objectives of public action “LGBTI exhibition within the Pride Week 2014”:

  •  To increase the awareness of the general public for the LGBT community, its challenges and position;
  • To facilitate interaction with key stakeholders in society: government, media, civil society organizations, as well as the LGBT community;
  • To convey the message of support and solidarity with the vulnerable and marginalized groups in society;
  • To provide a tool for political and artistic expression of the LGBT community;
  • To increase the reach of established civil platform against homophobia and transphobia;
  • To lay the foundations for the organization of similar events in the future.

The activities of Pride Week 2014 was divided into two parts:

  • Activities to increase the awareness of the general public and decision-makers,
  • Activities to mobilize the LGBT community.

Time frame:

  • An exhibition of queer artists and photographers – June 28, 2014
  • Closing event “LGBTIjada” – June 29, 2014

Budget framework: 1500,00 USD

Applicant: Subversive Front – Skopje