Project name:

Say NO to homophobia

Project description:

The main goal of the project is to increase the public awareness in the fight against homophobia and heterosexism inherent to the Macedonian society.

Short term goals of the project:

  • Establishing networks and platforms for increased mobilization, cooperation and solidarity among the civil society organizations in the fight against homophobia
  • Securing support from media, civil society organizations, state institutions and civil society
  • Encouraging civic LGBTI activism and participation in the fight against homophobia

Main Activities

  • Creating a platform for fight against homophobia (“Network against homophobia”)
  • Organizing and conducting a public campaign through disseminating promotional material, organization of public debates and a flash-mob event
  • Organizing and conducting a media campaign through hosting radio shows, placing posters on billboards, securing support from TV journalists by wearing t-shirts during TV broadcast, and launching a social media campaign


Project coordinator organisation: Association for critical approach to gender and sexuality – Subversive Front Skopje

Project partner organisation: Coalition Sexual and Health Rights of marginalized communities

Project Duration: October 2013 – May 2014

The project is financially supported by Foundation Open Society Macedonia with a budget of 9,100.00 USD