Project name:

Building Tolerance and Understanding towards LGBTI persons in the Macedonian society

Project description:

The main idea of the project is to protect the rights of the LGBTI persons throughout the system for social protection and strengthen the capacities of the professionals working in these institutions. The educational activities intended to build the capacities of the employees in the centers for social work are aimed to create more sensitized approach in providing the social services to the LGBTI current and potential social help seekers, while the interactive method that is going to be introduced aligns with gaining knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies in offering adequate and user-centered help.

The overall objectives of the project are:

Objective 1: To build capacities of the system for social work in implementing systematic approach of the help and support of LGBTI persons in the field of social protection in Macedonia, through training courses on LGBTI topics sensibility.

Objective 2: To foster the collaboration between Subversive Front and relevant state institutions through the meetings, mutual help in creating and providing the social services for the LGBTI persons, and undertaking measures for improving the quality of life of LGBTI persons.

Objective 3: To identify the gaps in the legal system through analysis of the law for social protection in order to draft amendments in creating more LGBTI inclusive legislation for undertaking adequate measures in protecting the rights of LGBTI persons.

Project coordinating organization: Subversive Front

The grant awarded for the project Building Tolerance and Understanding towards LGBTI persons in the Macedonian society” is 25.000 USD.