Project name:

Survey on SOGI-based bullying among youth in Skopje

Project description:

The overall project objective is to map the situation with the perceptions and attitudes of the youth in Skopje about the SOGI-based bullying among them in order to develop a knowledge-base that can be used both for designing advocacy or campaigning efforts, or developing trainings/workshops/coaching tools on related LGBTI topics.

Key target groups are LGBTI youth (aged 18-30 from Skopje) and youth in general (aged 18-30) from Skopje, too.

Key activities involve collection of primary data on the situation with SOGI-based bullying through conducting questionnaire with the two target groups, and focus groups with a certain number of young LGBTI people, qualitative and quantitative analysis of collected data, compiling and writing up research results into research report, conducting advocacy and awareness raising campaign using the research report, infographic with the research results and 2-pagers of policy recommendations.

Project coordinating organisation: Subversive Front, Skopje, Macedonia

Project partner organisation: Youth Educational Forum (YEF)

The grant awarded for the project “Survey on SOGI-based bullying among the youth in Skopje Macedonia” is 12.700 EUR.