The research on the situation of harassment and bullying of young LGBTI people in Macedonia has began

Subversive Front, in partnership with the Youth Educational Forum, began conducting the research on the perceptions and attitudes of young people in Macedonia on the status of bullying and harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity among young LGBT people.

The survey, which will be conducted from September 1 to October 31, 2015, through the use of a questionnaire and focus groups will try to map the state of this type of harassment and bullying on young LGBT people in and outside Skopje. This is the first such research to be conducted in the country, and, given the fact that this kind of behavior is not recognized and addressed as a problem by the competent state institutions, it presents a special challenge for implementation. The research is expected to conclude the level of psychological and physical harassment and bullying, discrimination and violence against young LGBT people aged between 18 and 30 years, who would later serve to raise awareness and advocacy on this issue before the competent state institutions

The Association for critical approach to gender and sexuality Subversive Front Skopje, established in June 2013, is working to create a more favorable social and political environment for all who do not identify with the dominant heteronormative and patriarchal values and norms as well as the creation and mobilization of organic LGBTI community in Macedonia. Some of the most important activities that S-Front has done are the creation of the National Network Against Homophobia and in January 2014, and the implementation of the campaign “Say No to homophobia and transphobia” in May 2014. Youth Educational Forum, an organization that is present in 14 cities in the country, is working on creating space for debate, freedom of expression and organization of youth, encouraging activism among them, and protection and promotion of youth rights and policies.