Around 2.2 million LGBTQ people in the United States can not feed their families

New research reveals that over the last year one in four LGBTQ adults in the United States, or about 2.2 million of them did not have enough income to provide a daily meal for themselves and their families. Therefore, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program or Food Stamps, proved vital for the LGBTQ people, says the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

“More than one in four LGBT adults, 27 percent of them, aged 18-44 years, were the beneficiaries of the SNAP, compared with 17 percent of heterosexual users of the same age group,” said the report from Williams Institute.

“The problem within the LGBT community is observed with a higher percentage among the members of certain racial and ethnic minorities (42 percent of African-Americans), women (31 percent), single people (30 percent) and those with children (33 percent) who are often in a situation where they do not have enough income to buy food, “they say.