Trans teen victim of physical assault in Belgrade

The NGO “EGAL” announced today that three unknown assailants physically confronted and attacked an underaged trans man in Belgrade (V.J. 17 years old) and two of his friends –  inflicting severe bodily injuries.

According to the announcement, the attack occurred on Sunday night after V.J. and his two friends got out of a bar on the street ‘Brankova’.

Three persons, aged 16 to 17, began by verbally insulting the group – stated ‘EGAL’: “What are you lesbian? What’s that between your legs?!”, after which V.J. refused to reply to them; at which point one of the assailants approached him and began hitting him in the head, while another did so in the back.

They continued to beat him, and once he had collapsed on the floor, they kicked him repeatedly throughout his entire body, including his face.

V.J. told the police that through their insults they were aware of his trans identity and added that he can recognize them – if it comes to that.

“EGAL urges the police to resolve this case and to bring the perpetrators to justice. The age of the attackers of V.J. does not release them from the responsibility for such behavior, and the state is obliged to protect all its citizens, regardless of their personal characteristics, and to provide legal security and legal remedy. We reaffirm that during the past year, several trans persons were beaten in Belgrade and that there was no closed case.” the statement said.

EGAL, in the end, added that V.J. has been in the medical procedure for gender confirmation.