WHO depathologizes transgender people!

Being trans is not a mental disorder anymore: ICD-11 is officially released.

The World Health Organization has just announced the completion of the ICD-11 and released the official online version.

The announcement does not mark the end of the ICD-11 process, but the beginning of a new phase focused on implementation and assessment at the country level. The new ICD version will be presented for final approval at World Health Assembly in May 2019.

As anticipated, all trans-related categories have been deleted from the ICD Chapter on Mental and Behavioral Disorders. At the same time, new trans-related categories have been introduced: Gender Incongruence of Adolescence and Adulthood and Gender Incongruence of Childhood. These categories have been included in a new ICD location, Chapter 17 on Conditions Related to Sexual Health. Therefore, WHO rules that being a trans or gender diverse person does not mean to suffer a mental disorder. Today, a shameful history of pathologizing, institutionalization, “conversion” and sterilization begins to come to a close.