Annual report for 2018

Looking back on the past year, especially at all the challenges and lessons learned from the internal and external environment, I can proudly state that we have entered the adolescent phase of Subversive Front’s life cycle. Bearing in mind that we were founded in 2013 by several individuals with a clear and solid idea of contributing to LGBTI activism and equality, and today we can be proud of our established functional network of constituents: CSOs, state institutions, LGBTI community members, media, partners and collaborators, it is my great honor and pleasure to share the key achievements of Subversive Front for 2018.

  • We have succeeded in building solid capacities for conducting comprehensive research on the problems and needs of sexual and gender minorities at a national and regional level, in particular as regards the adoption of standards for conducting research addressing sensitive topics of vulnerable social groups;
  • We have strengthened our own capacities to support activities initiated and led by the community of sexual and gender minorities that led to empowering them and increasing their involvement in the LGBTI movement;
  • We have increased our influence on the creation and adoption of public policies affecting sexual and gender minorities through participation in working groups on the drafting of the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination and the Law on Gender-Based Violence, as well as through the inclusion and active participation in the National Coordination Body for Monitoring the Situation with Non-Discrimination and the Implementation of Laws, Bylaws and Strategic Documents in this Area;
  • We have improved our mission, vision and goals of the organization and established an organizational structure that responds to the needs and responds to the external and the internal environment requirements;
  • Enhanced dialogue with partners from other CSOs dealing with sexual and gender minorities, as well as with donors and supporters of our organizational goals, mission and vision.

We achieved the aforementioned results by applying a critical approach and evaluation of our ideas and activities, as well as the ideas and activities of our associates, partners and interlocutors from the civil, state, public and international sectors. Hence, I would like to express gratitude to everyone for their continued support over the years, and I would like to express special gratitude and respect to the team of dedicated people from the Executive Office and the Steering Committee of Subversive Front for their unselfish work and enthusiasm, ideas and energy that are inspiring and encouraging.

Antonio Mihajlov President of Steering Committee
Skopje, March 15 2019

You can find the Annual report on this link.