Project name:

Capacity building of youth workers in providing services to LGBT youth

Project description:

Aims and objectives 

The main objective of the project:

  • Increase cooperation of youth from five countries, so that they increase their knowledge and skills for adequate and sensibilized work with LGBT people, through non-formal education, in order to make a significant progress in solving the problems of this vulnerable population at the regional level.

Specific objectives:

  • In the period of 6 months, to increase the knowledge and skills of youth workers for adequate access to work and support for LGBT people.
  • In a period of 6 months, write the Guide for youth workers, which will enable adequate knowledge and skills for the proper approach to dealing with LGBT people.
  • In the 12 months to increase the participation of youth workers in LGBT activism. In the 3 months to increase informing decision-makers, the media, the donor community and the general public about the results of the project

All project activities will be grouped in 5 cycles: 

  • Preparatory activities for the project.
  • Invitation and selection of trainees.
  • Organization of training.
  • Preparation and distribution of a printed guide for youth workers.
  • The organization of the conference.

Project coordinator: Asocijacija Duga – Serbia

Project partners: Subversive Front – Macedonia, BONSAI – Croatia, Institution for protection of human rights “INDEPENDENT” – Bosnia and Herzegovina, LGBT Forum “Progres” – Montenegro.

Duration: August 2016 – August 2017

The grant awarded for the project is 53,560 EUR.