(Macedonian) Законот за спречување и заштита од дискриминација е конечно усвоен и стапен во сила

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(Macedonian) Свечено доделена наградата „Поддржувач на годината“ на Интерпартиската парламентарна група за унапредување на правата на ЛГБТИ лицата

Sorry, this entry is only available in Macedonian.

The Federation of B&H moves forward toward recognition of same-sex couples

At today’s session, the government of the Federation of B&H (one of the entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina), has adopted the information of the Federal Ministry of Interior on the […]

Protection against Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Sex Characteristics

The subject of this analysis is to give an overview of the existing laws in the Republic of Macedonia that contain provisions on non-discrimination on different grounds, but omit the […]

NGOs in Bulgaria Condemn Constitutional Court Decision Rejecting Istanbul Convention

SOFIA, BULGARIA — More than 30 prominent NGOs and individuals, working in the field of human rights, children’s rights, women’s rights and LGBTI rights, condemned the much awaited decision on […]

WHO depathologizes transgender people!

Being trans is not a mental disorder anymore: ICD-11 is officially released. The World Health Organization has just announced the completion of the ICD-11 and released the official online version. […]

СУБВЕРЗИВЕН ФРОНТ сега е КВИР ЦЕНТАР. Во моментов го прегледувате нашиот стар сајт кој останува архива на минатите објави од организацијата.