(Macedonian) Скопје Прајд 2019 – лакмус за целото општество

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Protection against Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Sex Characteristics

The subject of this analysis is to give an overview of the existing laws in the Republic of Macedonia that contain provisions on non-discrimination on different grounds, but omit the […]

Religious extremism and intolerance have no place in the Albanian Parliament!

Tirana, 20 July 2016 – PINK Embassy, one of the leading organizations for the rights of the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) in Albania, through this public statement […]

The striking effect of homophobia on the mental health of young LGBTI people in Macedonia

Skopje, 28 April 2016 The young LGBTI people in Macedonia are to a bigger extent and more often exposed to depression, show higher levels of anxiety in social interaction, and […]

The research on the situation of harassment and bullying of young LGBTI people in Macedonia has began

Subversive Front, in partnership with the Youth Educational Forum, began conducting the research on the perceptions and attitudes of young people in Macedonia on the status of bullying and harassment […]

СУБВЕРЗИВЕН ФРОНТ сега е КВИР ЦЕНТАР. Во моментов го прегледувате нашиот стар веб-сајт кој останува архива на минатите објави од организацијата.