DOM - Democratic renewal for Macedonia

Democratic renewal for Macedonia is perceived as a political party with “green” ideology, politically positioned as left centered party. The party was founded on 26 November 2005 in Skopje.

The subject of analysis of DOM was: “Green Program of DOM 2016-2020”, covering the human rights issues in all its segments. The main priorities are: respect of human rights, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and tolerance for diversities (sexual orientation and gender identity). The strategic policy of DOM is to provide equal opportunities to all citizens regardless of the sex, race, ethnic and social belonging, age, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, physical condition.

The program dedicates a separate chapter to LGBTI people adjusted to the needs of this community, civil society organizations that work on this issue and the European Commission Progress Report on Macedonia, published in November 2015. DOM’ support to the LGBTI people is given by its President and MP in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia and former President of the Commission for Equal Opportunities for Men and Women, unconditionally advocating for the rights of LGBTI community and for all other marginalized citizens in the institutions of the country and in the media.

So far the efforts of this political party contributed in achieving the following:

  • Submitted amendment for removing the attribute to the draft amendment of the Constitutional article 40, referring to extra marital partnership, where marriage and extra marital partnership are “exclusively between one woman and one man”;
  • Submitted Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination where the grounds for discrimination are expanded in its article 3 with the words “sexual orientation and gender identity”;

DOM priorities for protection of LGBTI persons’ rights refer to awareness raising for respect of the diversities in the society and confronting the intolerance towards LGBTI persons in the Republic of Macedonia, increasing the visibility of the LGBTI community through its presence in the media and education, amend the Law against Discrimination by including sexual orientation and gender identity as grounds for discrimination, ensuring equal access and non-discrimination in employment of marginalized groups of citizens in the society, including the LGBTI community in the Republic of Macedonia.

Do you count on the votes of LGBTI persons and why do you think they would support your political party and would vote for you?

Answer: DOM continuously shows clear support to LGBTI people and their struggle for equal rights in Macedonia. Our efforts for protection of the LGBTI rights are in accordance with one of the main priorities – social justice and equality for everyone. DOM will actively cooperate with civil society organizations that stand for the rights of LGBTI persons in Macedonia. The vote for DOM is a vote for support of the struggle of one community which has very few supporters, but many problems of different kind.

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