DUI–Democratic Union for Integration

Democratic Union for Integration was established on 5 May 2002 in Tetovo, three months before the parliamentary elections in 2002. In absence of answers to the questionnaire submitted by the Association for Critical Approach to Gender and Sexuality “Subversive Front”, the subject of this analysis was the election program „Bashkë vendosim“ on the early parliamentary elections scheduled for 11 December 2016.

In the program „Bashkë vendosim“ of the Democratic Union for Integration, the LGBTI persons in no section are directly addressed. Almost at the end of the program, on page 223, in the section “Women and health“ there is “preparation and implementation of programs for sexual education and reproductive health tailored to women and girls of different age, teenagers, women who live in rural areas, risk groups“ and “education and psycho-social support to vulnerable groups and education for new mothers to raise children and their right to develop psycho-social support“. Moreover, it is unclear whether the programs for sexual and reproductive health will have contents related to sexual and gender diversity, and whether the education and the psycho-social support will be designed for LGBTI persons too.

Do you count on the votes of LGBTI persons and why do you think they would support your political party and would vote for you?

Answer: No answer.

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