The Left Party

The Left Party is a political party with clearly emphasized leftist ideology, established on 6 February 2016 in Skopje.

The subject of analysis of this political party, in absence of the envisaged questionnaire, was the Program of the Leftist (³), where in the chapter on human rights – the Dam of the State Authorities, it is written that the Left advocates for sexual and reproductive rights guaranteed to and equal for everyone. Macedonia is identified as the most homophobic society in Europe. The fight against all prejudices created by the conservative morality and commitment for equal treatment of persons with different sexual orientation than the majority population, are their priorities.

The sexual orientation as grounds for non-discrimination is listed in two chapters, in the chapter referring to “Cultural education for socially just and inclusive society” – where it is stated that it should be free at any cost, even by not being politically correct, but not calling upon or containing racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, gender or any other intolerance; and in the chapter referring to “Sports” –open and equally accessible category to everyone, no matter the social, religious, ethnic and sexual belonging.

Simultaneously, The election program of the Left was subject of analysis, while as the official representative of the Party, Goce Markoski answered the questionnaire submitted by the Association for Critical Approach to Gender and Sexuality “Subversive Front” Skopje. In the program on page 16 it has been clearly stated that the Left Party is working on overcoming the homophobic views, discrimination and stigmatization towards the members of the LGBTI community in the society, while as the equality of rights and freedoms of all citizens in the Republic of Macedonia is constitutionally guaranteed even on grounds of “sexual orientation“. It is unclear why the term “sexual orientation” is not used since that is the accepted term, recognized and inclusive for defining a romantic, sexual and emotional attraction to, and the ability for intimate and sexual relations with persons of same sex, the opposite sex or more than one sex.

The conclusions of the stated views can be summarized accordingly:

  • The Left Party will support introduction of contents related to LGBTI issues as part of already existing subjects in the curricula of the secondary schools with aim to increase tolerance and social inclusion, and to reduce discrimination and violence towards LGBTI persons;
  • The Left Party will support introduction of sexual orientation and gender identity as protected characteristics in the existing Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination;
  • The Left Party will support initiative for legislative changes wherever there is discrimination against LGBTI persons and will strongly advocate for sanctioning the violence over LGBTI persons and hate speech, so that the bodies and commissions that regulate this matter finally deliver results;
  • The Left Party would support legislative initiatives for amending the existing Law for the purpose of giving recognition to families composed of same sex couples;
  • The Left Party would support initiatives for legislative amendments that would permit change of gender in the official documents and ID papers of transgender persons;

Do you count on the votes of LGBTI persons and why do you think they would support your political party and would vote for you?

Answer: The Left Party always strives for the disadvantaged, the oppressed, the weak ones. The Left Party is always for equality, not only formal, but essential. The Left Party is committed to these left wing values, which is why it pays particular attention to the rights and treatment of the LGBTI persons as one of the most disadvantaged groups in the Macedonian society. We are aware that Macedonia today is one of the most homophobic societies in Europe. We are fighting to change that. We are fighting against prejudices created by the conservative morality. For this, we insist on equal treatment of people with different sexual orientation from the majority population.

You can download the questionnaire here.

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