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The goal of the "Vote for Equality" campaign is to incorporate LGBTI people into the public policy agenda for, but not just for the December 2016 parliamentary elections. This campaign is part of a broader strategy to encourage greater political participation of LGBTI people in the Balkans as a region, and in Macedonia, as an instrument for promoting equality. The unique timing of the pre-election campaign serves to encourage political parties to see the LGBTI community as a strong electorate and as a community to include in their policies. The campaign is part of the "Vote for Equality" project supported by the Victory Institute in Washington, USA, which, in addition to the campaign, includes the preparation of an analysis of the party's political programs on the representation of LGBTI issues in them, as well as answering a questionnaire on representation of LGBTI people in the political agenda of the parties. In April 2016, Subversive Front organized the first civil society forum for the political participation of LGBTI people in the Republic of Macedonia.

S-front and Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute

The Association for Critical Approach to Gender and Sexuality Subversive Front Skopje , founded in June 2013, operates in five strategic areas:

  • Advocacy for LGBTI rights
  • Research and policies on LGBTI issues
  • Training and Education on gender and sexuality
  • Services of free aid for LGBTI
  • Fundraising for LGBTI projects and initiatives.

Some of the key achievements so far include:

The gay and lesbian institute Victory is working to achieve full equality for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people by building, supporting and advancing different networks of LGBTI leaders. Through their training programs and professional development programs, the Victory Institute helps hundreds of people who want to achieve an influential career in politics, government, business and the advocacy of LGBTI rights each year. Many of the trainees of the Victor Institute are joining more than 1,000 open-ended and appointed LGBTI officials active around the world. Founded in 1993, the Victorian Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit, educational and research organization.

You can find more information about the Victory Insitute here.

Elections 2016

The outcome of the parliamentary elections scheduled for 11 December 2016 greatly influences the further stabilization and democratization of the country, bearing in mind the return of the rule of law and the promotion of human rights and good governance.

LGBTI issues for the first time after several election cycles take a bigger and more important place in the political programs of several parties, almost all of the opposition. Macedonia still has no politicians who have publicly declared themselves as part of the LGBTI community, which downsizes the political representation of LGBTI people only in programs and in some of the speeches and statements of few politicians and other political actors. Due to the crisis that arose in the publication of materials from the mass wiretapping by the Security and Counter-Intelligence Directorate, where serious crimes and high level of corruption were revealed in the highest echelons of power, LGBTI issues and problems were suppressed on the margin of the political scene in the last 2.5 years.

Due to the lack of sufficient and adequate legal framework for the protection of the rights of these persons, and also because of concerns such status-quo continue, Subversive Front, together with the support of Victorian Institute, actively engaged in addressing the need for greater participation of LGBTI- persons on the political agenda, as well as in enhanced advocacy for the rights of LGBTI people, especially in the area of ​​protection from unequal treatment and discrimination.

Accordingly, Subversive Front actively monitors the events before, during and after the parliamentary elections scheduled for December 11, 2016, especially in the area of ​​articulating the interests and goals of the LGBTI community in the public and political sphere. Follow this page for regular and informed reporting on the political proposals of the parties in Macedonia on the eve of the parliamentary elections 2016 through the prism of their (non) involvement of LGBTI issues and needs.

Political Parties


The questionnaire which the Association for Critical Approach to Gender and Sexuality “Subversive Front” prepared for the needs of the analysis on the representation of the LGBTI issues in the electoral programs of the political parties, was submitted to 31 party. Only 5 of them responded – SDSM, LDP, LP, DOM and the Left Party. The questionnaire contains 15 questions that cover several important topics related to the rights of LGBTI persons. From the tabular overview below you could see the answers of the first 10 questions of the questionnaire that these 5 parties submitted before the electoral campaign.

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